Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tomato Habanero Salsa

Last week I posted about this amazing homemade salsa and now I will share with you the recipe!

Tomato Habanero Salsa

What you'll need:

4 medium sized tomatoes
A bunch of cilantro
2 mini red onions
2 garlic cloves
Lime Juice
Pickled Jalapenos
Salt and Pepper 

I bought a pre-made salsa kit from this nice lady at the farmers market a couple of weekends ago. So everything came pre-packaged, but you can totally make this recipe on your own! The only thing that came already made when I brought this package home was the {lime, pickled jalapeno, salt and pepper mixer} but I am confident that you could make that mixture on your own. 

I also added one habanero from my garden for a little extra kick! It tasted delish!

What I did:

In my Cuisinart food chopper, I added the tomatoes and garlic together (I had to do this a few times since my chopper wouldn't fit all the tomatoes at once). Once all the tomatoes were blended, I chopped the onions and cilantro and then added them to the tomato mixture. Next, added the lime juice, jalapenos, salt and pepper and voilà! Easy, peezy!

Now you go try it!

Happy Tasty Tuesday!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday

 Five on Friday

{one} Fall Candles are BACK at B&B Works
AND they are on sale! 2 for $22.

I need to stock up this weekend!

{two} Kayne West is going to appear on Kris Jenner's new talk show today. 
Not that exciting, I already watched a YouTube clip, he basically gushes about how in love he is with Kim.

But I did hear that they may show a picture of baby Nori!?

{three} Homemade Salsa
 (Recipe on the blog next week!)

{four} About a month ago I bought an at home nail gel kit. I used the gel nail polish a couple of times, but
I recently figured out that you can use your own nail polish and THEN put the top coat of nail gel on last and it looks just as good! Its actually MUCH easier and you can use your favorite nail polish (pictured above: Essie's Butler Please).

I actually got this idea from none other than the lovely PLL :)

{five} I went into Hobby Lobby yesterday and all their Fall items are on sale already! 
AND they are also displaying Christmas decor! Christmas already!? 

I'm still trying to soak up the last bit of summer! Arent you!?

Thats all for today. 

Happy Happy Fridayyyy!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Random Wknd {Shenanigans}

Hello & Happy Monday!

The weather in Columbus this weekend was amazing! 
75-80 during the day and 62-65 at night. Couldn't ask for more perfect weather in August! 

Friday night was spent at one of our fav restaurants in CBus called 101 Beer Kitchen. Its a craft beer place with really yummy food. The BF and I ordered beers & nothing goes better with beer than pizza, right!?

Mmmm ... good!

After dinner, we went to see the new movie with Jennifer Aniston, We're the Millers. 
It was really good - Jason Sudeikis is HILARIOUS in the movie. 

Jennifer Aniston: 'We're the Millers' Character Posters!

Did I mention that our AMC was just remodeled and they put recliner chairs in!?
Ah, I was so comfortable watching the movie, it was great!

We went to the Farmer's Market early Saturday morning. As always, I got some yummy things. Peppers, tomatos, fresh corn, and even a homemade salsa kit (see pic below) 

I also bought dried hydrangeas - I thought they were so pretty, especially to display during Fall. 
Don't you love!?

Oh and the iced peach green tea lemonade from Starbucks, so yum! 

Saturday night was spent at the Columbus Food Truck Festival. 
I even saw THIS GIRL there with her hubby :)

It was a fun event but the lines were SOOO long!
 I would go back next year but maybe go during the day when the lines aren't so f*ing long!

Also, my habanero plant is finally growing and I was able to pick two peppers from it yesterday. 
I think I am going to make homemade salsa with them, so I will keep ya'll posted with a recipe! :)

Ok, one more RANDOM thing. I've been eyeing these Rubbermaid Containers at Kroger for the past week. They are so nifty. There is one container for salads and one for sandwiches. Clearly, I bought both. Actually, I bought three of them! They are on sale for $5.99 now, originally $12.99 and I had a coupon for $2.00 off so they ended up being only $3.99 each, what.a.steal! :) #dork

These are great for taking your lunch to work and for moms packing their kid's lunches :)

Annnd that's all the random shenanigans I have for you today!

Enjoy your Monday!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Celebrations and a DIY Project

Hey Hey!

This past Saturday was spent at my friend, Alison's house. Alison and her husband just recently bought a house in the Grandview area (for those of you not from CBus, its about 15 mins away from where I live). 

 We celebrated with great food, friends and DRINKS! 

And Flip Cup!

My lovely BLONDE friends.

 I am usually the ONLY brunette out of my group of friends. Hey, I'm not complaining, at least I stand out, RIGHT!?

Sunday was spent at my friend, Andrea's baby shower. Doesn't she look adorable!? 
As my gift to her, I made cupcake onesies. I'm sure you have seen this DIY project on Pinterest.
 (see images below)

Ok, so mine didn't turn out as cute as I had hoped. Of course I was in a rush {as always} and ran to Micheal's like 20 minutes before I had to leave for the shower. I had planned on using a cute WHITE cupcake box but the box I bought was WAY too small. So as a back up, I had a cupcake box from Bob Evans (I know, ghetto, right!?) but it worked and still looked pretty cute. (see my pic above). Next time I would probably decorate way cuter, but I was in a time crunch. She still liked the idea and the GAP onesies inside were even cuter. 

FREE SHIPPING: 4 Onesie Cupcake Baby Gift Set

Boy Onesie Cupcakes...Boats, Fish, Whale, Sea Turtle, Crab, Sailor, Nautical...Baby Shower...Baby Gift

Cupcake Onesies Gift Idea - Tween Craft Ideas for Mom and Daughter | Tween Craft Ideas for Mom and Daughter

 Directions on how to make here: via Pinterest

What Pinterest project have you tried lately?

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Grilled Spicy Jalapeño Poppers

Happy Tuesday!

If you follow me on instagram, you probably already saw me post this last night, but for all of you that want this recipe, its super easy to make and tastes DELICIOUS!

This past weekend, I went to our local farmer's market and bought 10 peppers for $1.00! So, I knew I had to make something yummy with these peppers.

I decided to make grilled jalapeno poppers and grilled chili rellenos. All I did with the chili rellenos was cut them in half, grilled both sides and added sharp white cheddar cheese in the middle. They were so delish! (I failed to take a picture of the finished product)

For the jalapeno poppers, I cut the jalapenos in half and took out the seeds.

Next, I filled the poppers with Philadelphia jalapeno cream cheese.

I wrapped the poppers with Butterball Turkey Bacon and stuck a toothpick through the middle so the bacon would stay on. I grilled them until the jalapenos were charred and the cheese was melted.

And here is the finished product.
I could not wait to pop these bad boys in my mouth (wait, that sounded a little dirty, didn't it!? ...)

No grill seasoning needed. The jalapeno cream cheese adds so much flavor, you don't need to season them. If you decide to make these, I promise, you will NOT be disappointed. These are great to serve as a side dish or even an appetizer.

Now, I need to go do some work.

Happy Tasty Tuesday!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vegas Girls Wknd Recap

Hellllo friends!

I am back from my short weekend trip to Vegas and I am STILL dragging from the weekend.

It was great to spend time with my girls. Its not often that I am able to go on a girls trip unless we are celebrating a bachelorette party or something like that.

Here are some pictures from the weekend :)

Firefly restaurant

Hakkasan Night Club ft. Tiesto
Chandelier Bar inside Cosmo
Cosmo Pool

Wicked Spoon Buffet

Until Next time Vegas ....

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

B & A: Herb and Citrus Oven Roasted Chicken

Happy Hump Day!

Boy, am I happy this week is half way through!

Awhile back I made this chicken dish. Does it taste as good as it looks!?
The answer is yes and no. Reason being: I used skinless chicken instead of skin on chicken.
I think it would have tasted a whole lot yummier with the skin on, but of course I was trying to be healthy and went the skinless route. But honestly, this dish is so easy to make and as you can see, makes a whole lot of chicken, great for leftovers! :)

I won't take all the credit, please visit Comfort of Cooking blog and check out the full recipe there.

Here is my sad looking version; the iPhone pic doesn't do the dish justice. It was yummy and I would make this again but leave the not so healthy skin on next time!

I always love making new dishes.

Anyone have any other yummy chicken dishes I should check out!?

Have a wonderful day, all.